January 17, 2018




Have you ever wondered what the proper etiquette is regarding purchasing a gift for a wedding you are attending? Here is our short list of gift giving tips to help make sure you are the perfect wedding guest: 

1)  Buy off the registry – the couple spent countless hours picking out their favorite items as well as the necessities for their new home. Purchasing off the registry ensures your gift will be used.

2) Ship the gift – this is especially important if the wedding is taking place outside the couple’s home town. Online registries like Zola offers couples the option to accept and ship gifts when they are ready for them which proves to be really convenient for destination weddings! 

3) Only add a monogram if it is requested – While a monogram is a lovely touch, they are not always the couple’s style. The couple may also want to handle monogramming items on their own so the fonts will all match. Only adding a monogram when requested will ensure the couple will use and/or display your gift.

4)  If you MUST buy a gift that is not on the registry, include a gift receipt.

5)  Buy items as they are listed on the registry – don’t get creative with colors or buy a different version of the product.  

6)  Follow the three month rule – Wedding gifts should be sent to the couple any time starting three months before the wedding to three months after the wedding.

7)  If you do not have access to one of the stores where the couple is registered, an electronic gift card to one of their stores or cash is always acceptable.


Photography: Diana Lupu Photography I  Styling: Detailed I Do’s 


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