January 31, 2018

Vendor Spotlight: Diana Lupu Photography

Atlanta Wedding

By: Rachel Hegner

As planners, we love and appreciate our fellow vendors more than you know. This week we’ll be hone in on one of our most-adored photographers. Through this process we got to know her better and now so will you!

Diana Lupu, of Diana Lupu Photography, is a joy to collaborate with. Whether you are in front of her lens of working with her behind the scenes, Diana has this effortless warmth about her that is truly contagious. From her Florida roots, Diana has quickly established a market for herself here in the Atlanta area. Her style breathes a simplicity and elegance that every Southern bride craves. We asked Diana the questions below, some wedding related and some not. We learned even more things to love about Diana Lupu and some helpful advice for brides and ourselves along with it: 

Y’all, isn’t their family just the cutest ?? 

1. In regards to what sparked your passion for photography, what is a treasured memory you have?

 My father was extremely passionate about photography and I grew up with every milestone, big or small, documented. I remember him taking me to random parks and posing my mother and I and as a result, I now have way too many photos by trees with my crooked teeth and bad haircuts. But my mother is so beautiful and radiant and young, and even though I don’t particularly remember every single occasion, I can see we were happy. I treasure those memories and I love that I can capture photos for my couples that can be passed down from generation to generation. Decades from now, I would love for people to look at those photos and see my couples radiant, in love, and best of all, happy. 


2. Film or digital?

 Digital for now, but I’m always looking to push myself to learn a new medium and film is something I’ve been playing with lately. 🙂 


3. What is your favorite moment to shoot on a wedding day?

 This is a hard one. I love the anticipation that surrounds the getting ready portion of the day, plus I personally love to photograph details. However, the first look and vows probably tie for most favorite, as those moments tend to be most emotional and special. 


4. What is one thing a bride can do that makes it easier for you to capture all her wedding day photo dreams? 

The best thing is for her to communicate with me throughout the process and stay as organized as she can. I love to work with her on a “shot list” of family members and details that are important to ensure she doesn’t have to think about anything on her day. The best feeling for me is to see her relaxed and enjoying her day and to know that she trusts me 100%. 


5. What brought you from Florida to Georgia?

 My husband has been wanting seasons for about 7 years now but I couldn’t imagine living away from the ocean, as I grew up in South Florida. However, after we had children, we began to weigh different options. Things we hadn’t considered before like schools and housing and just the overall lifestyle weighed heavily in favor of Georgia. It’s the sweetest state and has been such a great experience for us so far. And go figure, mine and my children’s favorite thing about it so far has been experiencing the seasons. Just don’t tell my husband he was right. 😉 


Diana, we absolutely adore working with you! Thank you for opening your heart to us and sharing. We urge everyone to take some time and go check out Diana’s work




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