May 23, 2018

Atlanta Wedding Planner / Tips For Keeping Your Groom Looking Good

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Everyone dreams of looking radiant on their wedding day, and the groom is no exception. While he may not have to worry about fitting into a bridal gown or hiring the perfect makeup artist, it’s still important for him to plan ahead when it comes to grooming. Here are some steps your groom can take to look and feel his best on your big day.

Commit to a Workout Plan

You don’t have to set your goals to look like a bodybuilder on your wedding day, but sticking to a workout plan has a number of healthy benefits that will make you feel like the best version of yourself. Working out consistently has been shown to reduce stress levels and boost your mood. Planning a wedding can be stressful, so finding time to let off some of that steam is important. If getting a gym membership isn’t in your budget, don’t let that deter you from working out. There are a lot of alternative workouts online for free, and going to a local park for exercise is always an option.

Eat Healthy

Your diet has a direct impact on how you look and feel. When you’re planning a wedding, sometimes it can feel like you don’t have any time to do anything, much less take the time to eat healthy. However, just being cautious to avoid fast foods when you can will lower your chance of breaking out, and ultimately make it easier for you to feel slim on your big day.

Care for Your Skin

Washing and moisturizing your face daily is the quickest way to a glowing complexion. The earlier you can start maintaining a diligent skin care routine, the sooner you’ll start seeing results. If you shave daily, first wash your face with a gentle cleanser and use warm water; warmer water will soften your hair follicles and allow for a closer shave. Make sure you’re using a high quality blade, as cheap and dull razors can leave nicks on your face that you don’t want any evidence of on your wedding day. Follow up with a moisturizer made especially for your face; you don’t want to add any unnecessary oils or chemicals.

Plan Your Hairstyle

Try out the hair and beard style you plan to have on your wedding day at least four months before the wedding. You don’t want to do anything you haven’t done before, and the days leading up to your big day is not the time to figure out what hairstyle works best for you. Go to a barber that you trust or comes highly recommended, and ask them to take photos of your look when they’re done. Even if you’ve gotten the same exact cut a million times before, you want to be able to easily replicate your look if something arises and you have to find a new barber last minute. If you plan to have a beard for your wedding, make sure to grow it out in time for the haircut as well. Certain beard types can compliment a hairstyle betters than others, so it’s a good idea to make sure they make a good combination before your big day.

With your “trial” haircut and facial hair, if you plan to use any products, you’ll want to test run them before the big day. Weddings are often an all day affair, so be sure to leave the product in for at least the time you expect the wedding to be, and then a few hours more. It’s also important to tryout any products you haven’t used in advance, because finding out you’re allergic to a certain hair gel on your wedding day could certainly put a damper on an otherwise beautiful occasion.

Focus on the Small Things

You don’t have to go to a nail salon, but you should make sure your nails are clean and evenly filed. Chances are, at least one photo will be taken of your hands, and you don’t want dirty fingers to distract from the new wedding band you’ll be sporting. You’ll also want to make sure your eyebrows are touched up, and either trimmed or tweezed to look neat. If you’ve never done your eyebrows yourself before, be sure to ask either a friend or your significant other for assistance.


As your Atlanta Wedding Planner we want to guide you and your guy through every little detail including appearance! We hope these tips help your groom look good, for more info check out this handy guide from Harry’s.

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