June 6, 2018

Atlanta Wedding Planner / Vendor Spotlight: Margaret Snider Makeup Artistry

Atlanta Wedding Planner

                                                “On your wedding day you should look like yourself at your most beautiful.”                                                    

                                                                          – Bobbi Brown

As an Atlanta Wedding Planner, we work closely with so many wonderful vendors in this industry. We are featuring one of our absolute favorites today, a true artist and joy to work with, Margaret Snider.

Among all the moments that makeup a wedding day (no pun intended) there is something special about getting ready. Spending time with your bridesmaids while getting pampered, as the clock ticks down to seeing your groom for the first time! A bride’s makeup and hair is one of the first things on our timeline as wedding planners and can really set the tone. Margaret has a light-hearted nature that will keep you feeling relaxed and present, able to take it all in. She brings this energy with her everywhere she goes, all while staying focused and intent on her goal: making you feel your most beautiful!

We dug a little deeper to find out more about Margaret Snider and oh how we love her even more!

How did your journey into the makeup and hair industry start?

I began my career in the makeup industry almost 7 years ago. (I still can’t believe how fast time flies!)  Most artists take a very traditional path into this industry but I took the path less traveled. When I was 21 I took a job at a post production company in Atlanta, GA. I worked with the sales team as a client services coordinator to make sure our clients were happy and taken care of during their time with us. I worked with some of the top agencies and producers, who worked on t.v. shows like The Walking Dead, numerous feature films, and commercials. I worked at that company for 5 years and feel so lucky to have been exposed to the film industry, which has been booming in Georgia for the last decade!
Four years into my time at that company, I started assisting makeup artists on film sets to get my feet wet and to see if this industry was something I was serious about making a career change for, since the life of a freelancer is both exhilarating & terrifying! After a year of part-time assisting on nights and weekends, I made the leap in 2014 to become a full time artist, working for myself. In the beginning, I primarily worked on commercial film sets but added bridal and individual client services to my repertoire soon after that. It’s so nice to be able to work with such different clients in incredibly contrasting environments. This variety is what keeps my job exciting and keeps me on my toes! I’m constantly learning new techniques and bringing that experience into the fold with every client.

Coffee or tea?

I’m a coffee girl! I’ve been trying to integrate more tea into my life but nothing is better than a hot cup of coffee in the morning. That being said, my Starbucks drink of choice will forever be a venti iced chai tea latte! Yum!

What is your favorite step in the process of doing a bride’s makeup?

Man, that’s a difficult question to answer! If you had asked me 4 or 5 years ago I would have said eyes, for sure. Working with gorgeous eyeshadows and customizing lashes is always fun! The funny thing is, as I’ve grown as an artist and learned the importance of skincare and skin prep, my favorite part has to be working on the base of the makeup look. Think serums, moisturizers, foundation, blush, etc. Nothing is prettier than a woman who has a natural glow and healthy looking skin without heavy layers of liquids, creams, and powders! Being educated on skin care and what each individual clients needs is something a really take pride in.

What is something a bride can tell you prior to the big day that makes your job less stressful on the day of?

There are so many pieces of info a bride can provide me that will help streamline the planning process and create a stress-free environment on her wedding day! I send each of my brides a detailed questionnaire that helps me get to know them, the style of their wedding, and their makeup + hair preferences. Knowing about any skin sensitivities or allergies is always important and something I make sure to ask every bride before they sit in my chair!
In the month leading up to the wedding day, I nail down details like parking, beauty prep timeline, and any last minute additions. I try my hardest to get a confirmed number of makeup and hair services at least 14 days before the wedding. It’s important for me to have a confirmed total because I can’t always guarantee that I’ll be able to accommodate last minute additions to the schedule. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to fit someone in if they change their mind on the wedding day and decide they do want makeup or hair done. If someone is unsure or flip-flopping I always try to communicate to the bride the importance of talking that person into getting makeup & hair done. In the end, no one likes being left out!
My biggest piece of advice to all brides is to hire a planner. I can not stress enough the importance of having someone who will be your right hand man (or woman) along your planning journey. Danielle and her team at Detailed I Dos are so talented and passionate about what they do, which clearly shows in how they handle their clients and the details of the wedding. In all the years I’ve worked in the bridal industry it’s become clear that a wedding with a planner runs so much smoother than one without! They handle the tough stuff and guide you through things you may have never done before, like creating a wedding day timeline. These details can really make or break the rest of your day.


What is one thing you cannot leave home without having in your kit?

Full disclosure: My biggest flaw as a makeup artist is my inability to pack light. I want all of the things in my kit at all times! I don’t think I can choose only one item but I can narrow it down to one section of my kit. It would have to be the base creams & liquids. Even though I’d like to have skin prep as well, I could almost get an entire face done with only foundation, concealer, and cream blushes.
Now, if we are talking about one specific product for myself, it would have to be mascara. I use old faithful, L’Oreal Voluminous mascara every day and feel naked without it. It’s my ride or die!

What is your perfect month/time of year to get married in?

I waffle on this all the time, but it will always be between late Spring and late Fall. Both have relatively temperate/warm weather during the day here in Georgia, with chilly evenings. The color palettes for both seasons are breathtaking and make for the most stunning bridal makeup.
In the Spring I get to play with pops of pink and lilac with my brides, which is so fresh and youthful! In the Fall, burgundies, tanned skin, and smokier eyes are front and center. I think it’s the juxtaposition of both seasons that leaves me excited to work with my brides year-round!

Would you rather sneeze every time you put on mascara or always have lipstick on your teeth?

Sneeze every time I put on mascara! 100%! I’d just blend out the wet mascara that transfers to create a smokey lower lash line and be done. The thought of lipstick on my teeth at all times makes me cringe. Haha!

Thank you for sharing your heart with us, Margaret. Especially your innovative way of turning a perpetual sneeze into a smokey eye! As a luxury Atlanta wedding planner, we pride ourselves in working with the best, and Margaret truly is in our book.

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