July 5, 2018

Atlanta Wedding Planner / Vendor Spotlight: Carrie Joy Photography

Atlanta Wedding Photographer

“Photography to me is catching a moment which is passing, and which is true.”

                                              ~Jacques-Henri Lartigue 

When it comes to Atlanta wedding planning, we love it all, especially seeing it all in its glory on the day of as our vision comes together. But without what seems like a magician holding a camera, how would we look back on it all? Having a photographer that you are completely comfortable with, that captures you from every angle, during each special moment is so vital. Today we are sharing a peek into the mind of a beloved wedding photographer and friend. Carrie Joy of Carrie Joy Photography is a beautiful soul whom we adore! We are true fans of her bright and airy photography style, and not to mention her ability to make anyone and everyone feel comfortable in front of her lens.

Atlanta wedding planning

What sparked your love for photography? Is there one specific moment/memory that comes to mind?

I’ve always had a great fascination with travel and other cultures, and when I was twelve I went to Ecuador on a missions trip. It was the first time I remember experiencing something so amazing and beautiful without my family. That’s when I really realized the power of photography! I was able to capture views from the Andes Mountains and seeing llamas for the first time and take that back to share with my family and friends. It’s really when I became hooked – both on travel and on photography!

Which do you prefer overall: shooting film or digital?

While digital definitely has it’s merits, I LOVE shooting film. There’s this beauty with film that try as you might, digital just can’t touch. The way it captures both the softness and texture of light is just unmatched. I also love the way film captures the true, timeless colors of the moment and amazing detail in the highlights that digital just lacks! It’s one of the reasons film is so perfect for capturing weddings! Every time I get film scans delivered it feels like Christmas morning!

On a wedding day, what is your favorite part to capture?

There are so many things I love about capturing weddings, but the first few moments of the day when the Bride’s getting ready are magical. There’s this excited, nervous energy in the air, and I love seeing the Bride’s style really come through in all the pretty details! Styling and capturing the details is always a great way to kick off the day! I also LOVE the moments I get to capture the Bride & Groom together, whether that be during the First Look or during their portraits together after the Ceremony!

Do you photograph your husband often?

Both of our careers keep us really busy, so these days I often set my camera (or phone for that matter) aside to really focus on quality conversation and connection. But when we travel together, I love photographing him! He’s my best friend and a vital part of making that memory, and I just love documenting our journeys together!

Have you ever gone to ridiculous lengths to capture a shot? Tell us about it.

Several years ago, one of my best friends was getting married and I got to tag team her engagement session with another photographer friend of ours! We had the couple on a lake in this adorable wooden row boat just as the sun was starting to go down, and I quickly realized that if I got into the water at just the right angle I could get this amazing sun flare behind them plus a pretty reflection on the water! So, I rolled up my pants legs (I hadn’t exactly dressed to get in the water this day – rookie mistake!) and started wading out towards the boat. I ended up squatting at the perfect angle just as a wave started to roll in, and basically, I sat in water! It wouldn’t have been so bad except that my phone was in my back pocket & ended up being completely ruined from water damage. The upside was that the image I got on my camera was absolutely beautiful – exactly what I had imagined, and the couple ended up using it for their Save the Dates! Worth it!

What is something a bride can do that makes capturing all her day-of dream photos easier on you?

Photography is all about the light, so one of the best ways to make sure wedding day photos really live up to a Bride’s hopes and dreams is making sure the most vital parts of the day happen while the sun is still in the sky! For those late fall & winter weddings, this means checking the sunset time and either setting your ceremony according (if you’re waiting to see each other) or doing a First Look. This is especially true if you love film photography! Related, I also personally love outdoor ceremonies, al fresco dinners and stepping away for a few portraits at sunset! Working with a planner who has styling skills is also a wonderful bonus! A strong designer and stylist can elevate even the simplest details and really pull the wedding day vision together!

Other than photography, tell us about something you love to do in your time off. 

My time off is really and truly very experience & travel based! I absolutely love traveling, and I’ve had a lifelong goal of visiting all seven continents before I die! I only have Australia & Antartica to go! And, planning travel is another joy of mine! Researching where I want to go and when plus what I want to do when I get there is just about as fun as the actual trip! Between Pinterest, reading blogs & magazines, and listening to podcasts, I adore discovering more about the wonderful world we live in!

Carrie Joy, we are so thankful to have you as a creative partner. Working alongside a passionate, positive photographer that knows our team well is a dream come true! Here’s to many more weddings and styled projects, the best is yet to come!

By: Rachel Hegner

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