October 10, 2018

Atlanta Wedding Planner / Choosing Your Wedding Color Palette

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By: Rachel Hegner

More Color, Please 

This week we are digging into a topic that’s dear to our hearts . . . all things color! When it comes to choosing your wedding color palette, there are a few things to keep in mind. But, the greatest of all is stick to what you love. Every wedding you’ve ever attended may have had neutral florals, a touch of blush every now and then, and white linens. Color palettes such as this can be elegant but often times drab without the right design technique. This does not have to be you! Maybe you love deep hues of green, jewel tones, or pops of yellow. Or maybe you prefer simplicity, and that’s okay too.  Your color palette is whatever your heart desires plus a few more details, so your full-service wedding planner can make it happen for you! Let’s get down to the ins an outs of choosing a wedding color palette and which factors to play close attention to.

There’s A Reason For The Season 

What time of year are you tying the knot? This is definitely a factor when narrowing down your color palette choices. Not to say that we put design in a box when it comes to incorporating funky, out of season colors, because we do quite the opposite actually! This guideline has to do more with floral. Depending on the time of year, some colors may not be in season when it comes to flower orders. For example, in October or November it will be hard for your florist to get a hold of bright pops of blue or yellow. Due to the seasonality of flowers, try and gear your palette to what is available. Communicating with your wedding planner and florist is a must during this stage in the game. We will be able to tell you what shades and tones are in season during your special day.

Let Your Inspiration Fuel You

As we’ve mentioned before, you do you when it comes to your color palette! Get inspired and allow yourself to pull ideas from your venue, favorite florals, or an element that’s a must-have. For some, finding the perfect venue comes first before any other detail. If you already know where you want your big day to unfold, visit your venue and really take in the space. Is it a blank canvas such as a warehouse or a tent? If so, you have free reign to create whatever color palette your heart desires. If the venue has a specific vibe to it, such as Summerour Studio with ivy in every exterior crevice and that statement mahogany staircase, you may build your color palette around those elements. For a venue such as Summerour that has more stand-out features, incorporating a neutral tone in your wedding color palette  to build off of with a few pops is a must. As well as including some hue of green because greenery works so beautifully against that mahogany backdrop! Be sure to consider everything in the space before deciding on your palette. Another example would be to consider the carpeting in a ballroom space like the Hotel Avalon. Their carpeting includes gray, blue & charcoal tones so you may want to incorporate one or two of these colors to pull the whole room together.


Consult With Us 

What better way to bounce ideas back and forth and come to a final decision than with your wedding planner? Often times, brides have one specific color they love, but have a hard time creating a color palette around that. That’s what we’re here for! With our full planning + design package, we create not only a color palette for you but an entire custom design plan. We love color and are not afraid to take those funky risks with you. If you have a color idea that you think may sound crazy, bounce it off of us! We assure you we can fit it into your design perfectly.

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