October 17, 2018

Atlanta Wedding Planner / Questions To Ask Potential Wedding Planners


When selecting a wedding planner, which by many in the industry is described as ‘the vendor to rule all vendors’, it’s crucial to know what to ask. Your first interaction with wedding planners in Atlanta will most likely be over the phone, so before deciding to move forward with someone you should have answers to all the questions we’re about to dish out! We go over these items very carefully with each of our inquiring couples during phone consultations. Forming a connection with our clients right off the bat is so important to us, because we are “for” you and all your wedding day desires.

wedding planners in Atlanta

Discussing Details 

Details are the foundation of every special event. And they’re what we love most, after all it’s a part of our business name! During the initial stages of booking a wedding planner, discussion of budget, style, and any ideas you have brewing is vital. From the wedding planners in Atlanta, find one you click with, because your relationship will grow throughout the planning process. After all, trust is key when it comes to releasing full control over your big day and putting it into the hands of a professional. As planners, we want to be open and honest as we guide you through the stages of planning, so getting to know each other from the start ensures we’re all on the same page.

Let’s Get Down To Business 


Are they local? Do they service the area you are getting married in?

This question is so crucial you may want it to be the first one you ask your potential planner. Although Google may say the planning company is ‘in Atlanta’ that is not always the case. If the planner is not local, you will want to reconsider how reliable and present they will be with you throughout the process. Is this a destination wedding? You may want to consider hiring a planner that is local to the area that can serve as your go to.


Do they have your date available?

Make sure the planner is aware of your wedding date (if you already have one) and is available during that week. If the planner has other events going on during the same week, this will most likely become an issue as the date gets closer. There is a chance your wedding could be overshadowed by another event they already had booked.


How did they get their start and how long have they been in business?

Is wedding planning their full time job?

How many clients do they take on per year and per week?

Is this planner’s schedule packed with a wedding every week? Even the most experienced planners can bite off more than they can chew. If this planner seems overbooked, you may want to think twice.

Do they have a preferred vendor list? How will they help you choose your vendors?

A preferred vendor list is a guide wedding planners in Atlanta use to help couples assemble their wedding dream team. Experienced planners know the in’s and out’s of what makes a great vendor and have worked with all the best. They should be able to recommend vendors based on your budget and aesthetic of the event.

How involved are they in the design process?

Does this planner offer full planning and design? If the design of your celebration is really important to you then you probably don’t want to reach out to planners who just offer day of planning or coordination.

wedding planners in Atlanta


What sets them apart from other wedding planners in Atlanta?

This question will give the planner a chance to tell you why they are better than the rest. Is their answer well thought out or are they just covering the basics? Or are there truly elements to their work ethic and process that make them unique?

What are the differences in their packages?

At Detailed I Do’s we offer four different packages that cater to every type of couple. Starting with Coordination, which starts about 8 weeks out from your date and building up to our Full Wedding Weekend Planning + Design package, there is something for everyone. Based on your budget and the amount of work you want to take on as a couple, does the planner have a package and price point that can accommodate you and your budget?

What services are considered add-ons?

Although the sales pitch for their packages may sound lovely, what exactly does it include? This allows you to hone in on what you are comfortable doing on your own during the process and what you may need to contract out in a planning team. How many meetings do they include in each package and what are the fees for adding additional meetings on? Find out exactly what is included and make sure necessities, such as the final walk-through at your venue, aren’t an extra charge.

 Are there any additional fees?

Some planners do not have fees associated with their services. But some charge extra for going over a certain number of meetings, assistants (wedding day help), or mileage. Inquire about what this planner may tack on fees for.

What tools can they offer you as you collaborate during the planning process?

Detailed I Do’s clients utilize Aisle Planner to collaborate with us during planning. Aisle Planner is a platform that allows couples and planners to both see key factors such as the guest list, budget, to-do checklist, and overall planning progress. If this planner can offer you a software like Aisle Planner, communicating will be much simpler.

What are the next steps if you want to book with them? 

If while consulting with this planner you’re checking off all the right boxes, be sure to ask what the next steps are. Don’t hesitate to book while they still have your date available! Go with your gut!

wedding planners in Atlanta

To Sum It Up

And lastly, throughout this process be weary of planners who make this call feel like a complete sales pitch. If you get the sense that this planner is desperate for a booking and will ‘say anything’ to reel you in, you will want to take a step back. Do they ask about your interests? How you met? Do they hone in on how they can help you and sound excited about it? Overall, they should sound passionate about what they do and if not, they’re probably not the planner for you. If you sense they’re treating this call as a routine, that’s a major red flag. Wedding planners in Atlanta are not necessarily sparse, so although this may seem extensive, thoroughly vetting your potential planner is an absolute must.


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