October 24, 2018

Atlanta Wedding Planner / Vendor Spotlight: The Impressionist

Wedding Vendors

By: Rachel Hegner

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”

~ William Wordsworth 

When it comes to Atlanta wedding vendors, there are many gifted creatives spread across the Atlanta market. But, it’s important for couples to find vendors that suite their style and mesh well with their personalities. One of the details we love oh so much is paper goods. The invitation suite, menu, seating chart, programs, we love it all. It’s such a versatile element that can become a beautiful statement with the right vendor. As for a paper goods vendor that can accommodate any style and are a joy to work with, the lovely ladies from The Impressionist come straight to mind.

Atlanta wedding vendors

What It’s All About 

Amanda and Melissa are fueled by their love of paper and the want to tell a story. They are experienced designers who custom-make each piece to reflect your love story. Their in-house letterpress studio, Alee & Press, is where the magic happens. Yes, you read that right, this amazing team of experts custom-designs your paper goods and hand-prints each piece onsite. It doesn’t get better than that. The Detailed I Do’s team asked Melissa and Amanda the questions below and we are even more in love after digging a little deeper with The Impressionist team. These ladies are the real deal and we hope you enjoy!

Tell us about how The Impressionist came to be. What sparked your love of paper and storytelling?

A few years ago we had the opportunity to expand our studio. After working with clients all over the country through our Letterpress Studio, Alee & Press, we knew with that expansion we wanted to have the ability to meet one on one with brides, brands, and new parents. This new space sparked the creation of The Impressionist.
Amanda – I fell in love with the letterpress process & paper while attending design school. There is just something about printing on an old vintage letterpress machine to create something fresh & modern & bring a design to life. Running a sheet of thick cotton stock through the press to pull it out and have a tactile impression will never get old. I love pushing the press to its limit to get the deepest & cleanest impression in the stock. So much of our work starts out in the computer so being able to finish the product by hand outside of the computer is very gratifying.
My love for story telling came about after starting Alee & Press and beginning to work with couples on custom designs. They all have really interesting stories that brought them together, or visions that they have for their wedding. The challenge of conveying their story, or upcoming event, through paper became really interesting to me. Ideas would just flow!  You have so many pieces that make up a wedding suite, or even a brand, and figuring out how to communicate that across all the different pieces that someone will interact with is what inspires me. I love the chance to be conceptual or add meaning behind everything that we create.
Melissa – My love of paper started early in my life when I would beg my mom to go to the scrapbook store. My taste has evolved a lot (to say the least), but my love for texture, paper goods, and thoughtful design has always been a present part of my life. My love for storytelling really developed throughout design school as I learned to convey thoughts, emotions, and ultimately stories through graphics, typography, and color.

What is one aspect of hand printing by letterpress that most people don’t know?

The most time-consuming part of an order is getting the press ready to print the run. This includes setting the plate, mixing the ink, and setting the rollers to get that perfect print before running all the sheets through the press.
Another element most people are not aware of is that each color that is printed requires an additional setup, plate, change of ink color, and run through the press.

What is the most unique/crazy material or medium you have created/printed on?

Letterpress can actually be fairly limiting when it comes to using unique materials. There are a couple of factors a material has to meet in order for us to run it through the press. The material has to be flexible to where it can bend around a metal cylinder and absorbent enough to soak up the ink. A couple examples of materials that do work well are various types of fabric and leather as long as it is not too thick or rigid.

Atlanta wedding vendors

Photo By: The Impressionist

What is one common misconception couples have when inquiring about invitation suites?

All of our designs are 100% customizable, there are so many things we can dream up and create together. We don’t believe any invitation is a one-size fits all scenario and really encourage our couples to create something that is unique to them and their personalities.

What is your favorite thing to do in the studio that’s not paper related?

There are two primary things we love doing.
1. Dreaming up and creating new ideas and designs. From new mediums to searching for a new typeface to add to our collection. We love researching and creating new designs we haven’t seen before.
2. Creating new artwork is always a fun creative relief around here.
Anything from watercolor artwork to sunprints are fair game for creation.

What colors are on your radar for this upcoming wedding season?

A lot of wedding colors are inspired by florals. Blush tones will stick around but will likely be in different tones than we have seen in past years. For spring 2019 we expect to see mauve blush tones, dusty rose tones, as well as a few brighter pinks paired with more subtle tones.
For fall 2019 deep greens and deep reds will continue to grow. We also expect these tones to be accompanied by their lighter counterparts, dusty rose tones, and silver-green.
Thank you Amanda and Melissa for sharing your stories and providing us with insight into the letterpress world. We’re amazed and intrigued at how you create each piece of art for your clients. Be sure to check out The Impressionist website. Browsing through their wedding suite gallery gave us all the feels and it’s so color-inspiring! Their love for storytelling and impeccable eye for design makes them one of the best Atlanta wedding vendors out there!
Atlanta wedding vendors

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