November 1, 2018

Atlanta Wedding Planner / Full Wedding Weekend Planning + Design


By: Rachel Hegner

Full Wedding Weekend Planning + Design 

We know you’ve heard about the different services wedding planners offer. Commonly referred to as  month-of, partial, and full-service planning, there’s a package for every type of bride. I know what you’re thinking. Which package takes care of every little detail to the fullest and ensures the entire wedding weekend runs smoothly? Our full wedding weekend planning + design package does just this. It’s a unique service we offer to couples who may live out of town, or have busy work schedules that want a wedding planner to assist with the wedding weekend as a whole. This takes even more stress off our couples and their families, as well as provides a seamless experience for guests attending the nuptials.
It’s Friday, I’m In Love 
Wondering what the differences between our wedding weekend planning and full planning services are? With full wedding weekend planning we perfectly curate your rehearsal dinner. Your Detailed I Do’s wedding planner will help with venue and menu selection. With this package, putting together the rehearsal dinner is one less thing you’ll stress over. We’re here to help with design. Including florals, linens, and any rentals needed. Your rehearsal dinner truly is such a special night. Not only is it a celebration with loved ones, but it’s the last night of your engagement! The rehearsal dinner is often the first formal get-together with your out-of-town guests. Allowing us to help plan this experience for you makes it a time to enjoy, and lets you be present with your guests creating memories.

Tips + Tricks 

Now that we’re on the topic of your rehearsal dinner, here are a couple tips on what to think about during this portion of the full wedding weekend planning process.

Where are guests staying? 

If your rehearsal dinner isn’t at your venue it should be relatively central to where out-of-town guests are staying. If this is the case, we will help you choose the perfect spot that is simple and easy for guests to get to.

Does the space have character?

Do you love the look of your rehearsal dinner space? If it’s already spruced up and the decor is to your liking then you may not have to dress it up with floral and linens. However, if the space is part of your venue or somewhat of a ‘blank canvas’ then we will embellish it with florals, linens, and rentals such as furniture or decor.

So, What Now?

With our full wedding weekend planning package explained, now you know the key differences that make it a step above the others. This service is a luxurious, yet affordable, route for couples who want the fullest planning + design experience. To inquire with us about our full wedding weekend planning package, or our numerous other services, check out our website.

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