November 7, 2018

Atlanta Wedding Planner / Understanding The Price + Value Of A Planner


We know you have put quite a bit of time and thought into booking your Atlanta wedding planner. It pays to talk to multiple planners, gather information on their services & pay close attention to who you click with from the moment you start your consultation!
Once in a while we get questions on how we set our pricing or how wedding planners in general come up with pricing, and we want to be completely transparent by providing those answers in this week’s post! There is a method to the madness that is the wedding industry and each Atlanta wedding planner has their own way of doing things. We base our pricing off of extensive knowledge from years of experience. Each of our planning packages is carefully priced to reflect the amount of time and energy we put in as well as a reflection of the Atlanta market.

How We Set Our Pricing

Just like any other small business we rely on our income to pay bills, plan for business expenses & feed our families.  We have also studied the market and know what a fair wage per hour would be for the services we provide. Our team has done extensive research, as well as keeping track of our hours with each client based on each type of service we offer. From there we have come up with flat rates for each of our packages based on these figures that we think best reflects our business model.
Our experience in the wedding industry over the last five years has molded our power house team. We can tackle any problem that arises, wrangle each vendor team we work with, and serve as your wedding cheerleaders! This all has VALUE!

But this doesn’t mean wedding planning is expensive!  

There is a stigma that surrounds wedding planning and wedding planners that we’d like to address. Couples often think they can’t afford wedding planners or that wedding planning is super expensive. And we are here to tell you that’s just not the case! If you reached out you would see we have packages that would fit any realistic budget and that our services are actually quite affordable!
We have had quite a few clients reach out after their weddings and tell us that with our expertise we actually made up for the costs of our services during the process when factoring in contract negotiation, vendor research & logistics. We strive to give every client that same experience. Don’t believe us? Check out what our clients are saying about us online!

Want to know one thing you shouldn’t do during the booking process with vendors? 

Ask for a discount! This devalues a vendor’s experience and the hard work they’ve put in to getting where they are. Remember their talents are what attracted you to them in the first place and they deserve to set their prices the way they would like. It does however pay to be open about your budget during discussions so your potential Atlanta wedding planner can be open with you and suggest a package that fits within the budget so your all comfortable.
We know that was tough to hear, but like we mentioned before it’s all about the connection you and your vendors feel during the planning. This could make or break your celebration! So this is a bad way to start off and may put a bad taste in a potential vendor’s mouth and hinder this relationship.
Our team hopes this post has helped clear up any confusion or misleading information you may have heard elsewhere. Pricing is something we are always transparent about with each one of our couples. It’s an important factor that your planner needs to be open and honest about. After all, the relationship with your Atlanta wedding planner is all about communication and building your perfect day together!

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