November 14, 2018

Atlanta Wedding Planner / So, It’s Atlanta Engagement Season

Atlanta Engagement

Atlanta engagement

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Tis’ The Season

It’s finally fall in Georgia! Leaves are changing, sweaters are back in season, and the holidays are right around the corner. It’s everyone’s favorite time of year. Especially for those of you who could be answering a very important question involving your sweetheart down on one knee. This time of year is deemed engagement season. And our Atlanta wedding planning team LOVES it! This season means so much to us. It means more opportunity for us to help another couple create, and live out the perfect wedding experience. But, what does this season mean for you, the future bride or groom? Let’s break it down and see what Atlanta engagement season is all about.

So, You’re Getting Married!

Can you believe it?! It’s such an exciting time. Remember this feeling and hold onto it throughout the process. Some couples forget this time is supposed to be fun and only comes around once. Your world is about to open up to venue site visits, Atlanta engagement photoshoots, tastings, and other fun wedding planning adventures. But, you don’t have to start right out of the gate. It’s okay to spend a month gathering your thoughts about what year/season you want to get married. Like we said, it’s okay to take it slow at first. After this down time, your thoughts can shift to wedding vendors. Let’s dig into the logistics of the order in which to book your wedding vendors.

Calling All Vendors 

Some couples feel pressured to book as many vendors as they can as quickly as possible. This feeling of urgency comes from wanting to lock them in for your date just to be safe. However, there’s no need to fret. We know this industry through and through and we want to give you a little hint. It’s actually better to book either your photographer or your planner first. Here’s why: photographer’s schedules are the most likely to fill up and if you find a photographer that matches your style and personality, then lock them in! Secondly, you planner is the mother of all vendors, so booking them first is a smart move. After you book your Atlanta wedding planner, all else will come easy. Planners work with every type of vendor and actually have a preferred list you can select from. At Detailed I Do’s, a vendor only gets a spot on our list if we’ve worked with them first hand, trust them completely and admire their processes! Furthermore, with our full planning + design and partial planning packages, we handle vendor communication. After choosing your vendors with our assistance, there’s nothing else for you to worry about!

Keep Your Cool

Lastly, stay calm! If you’re reading this and feeling overwhelmed because you may be ‘behind’ in the planning process, take a deep breath. The planning process looks different for every couple and sometimes aspects like timing and budget can slow down the first steps. However far along (or behind) in the planning process you may be, we assure you, our team¬†of expert planners can help. Let’s get in touch! Drop us an inquiry and we can chat all things regarding you Atlanta engagement! So, happy fall and we hope it’s your best season yet.

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