January 2, 2019

Atlanta Wedding Planner / Why Restaurant Weddings Can Be Epic

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As 2018 comes to a close, the wedding planners in Atlanta reflect on the year’s trends. We also prepare to take on the new wave of styles the industry has coming. One pattern we’ve noticed, and love, is couples choosing to host guests at eclectic restaurants that offers a unique aesthetic. Whether it be ceremony, reception, or both, renting out a restaurant as your venue has its perks. With the right space, your wedding can suddenly turn into an intimate soiree. Here’s what we know and why we love it.

wedding planners in Atlanta

It Really Is A Package Deal 

When booking a restaurant as your venue, it automatically combines your caterer and venue into one. This means one less vendor to contact, choose, and finalize things with. Now, do other types of venues have in-house catering? Of course. But, if the restaurant you choose has a design that speaks to your style, that will partially take care of decor as well. Maybe you love the restaurant’s chairs & tables, art work, or marble top bar styled with gorgeous wine bottles. When a space has unique elements that mesh with your vision, sometimes all it takes is floral design and candlelight to pull it all together. One of our lovely couples this year, Caitlin + Chris, held their reception at West Egg Cafe in Atlanta. The space is adorable and quaint. For some, this cafe may not come to mind as a wedding reception space. But, Caitlin and Chris fell in love with it and with some floral design, it was beautiful and exactly what they envisioned. In the photos below you can see the unique elements such as the rich-colored green draping, leather sofa, and horizontal book shelf.

wedding planners in Atlanta

Food + Beverage 

Often times, food + beverage packages at restaurants are cheaper than other venues. Large scale venues that host multiple weddings every weekend often up charge for kitchen use, load-in time, and alcohol to stock the bar. All these factors are eliminated when booking with a restaurant. Food and beverage is already in-house and not to mention is the main priority day in and day out. When comparing F+B packages, you’ll notice that restaurants truly do charge less in most cases. As opposed to an outside caterer or large scale venue’s catering team, a restaurant will most likely have the best deal.

Restaurant food can be more specific and personalized. When working closely with a restaurant chef, this allows for more freedom in your menu and peace of mind that the food you’re serving your guests is tasty and unique.

wedding planners in Atlanta

Make It Your Own 

All the wedding planners in Atlanta have goals of transforming your event space into that of your dreams. And when choosing a restaurant, this makes the design plan all the more fun. As we’ve said, restaurant layout and decor already give you a basis for overall design. Adding a floral installation in the entry way and on the bar, using funky vessels that incorporate the space’s style, and linens to embellish are all ways you can make the space your own. For some, having a venue that is simply a blank canvas can be overwhelming. As wedding planners, we love it either way, but sometimes couples like that extra oomph an eclectic restaurant space can give.

So, don’t be afraid to go out on a limb and tour non-conventional spaces. If you’re like us, you’ll look at it as an adventure and we can assure you it won’t be the same as anyone else’s. Out of all the wedding planners in Atlanta, Detailed I Do’s has a planning + design team that will go to the ends of the earth with you to find the perfect space. And we won’t think you’re crazy for wanting to do venue site visits at cafes and underground speakeasys in Atlanta. 🙂

wedding planners in Atlanta

Photography By: The Willetts


By: Rachel Hegner

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