January 9, 2019

Atlanta Wedding Planner / Tips On Reserving Room Blocks

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If you’re getting married out of town or have a substantial amount of guests traveling for your big day, arranging hotel stays is probably on your to-do list. Along with the other important tasks to complete before your wedding day, reserving room blocks doesn’t have to be one of the complicated or even time consuming ones. As Georgia wedding planners, we’re more than familiar with the ins and outs of room blocks. In fact, two members of our team got their start at luxury hotels in Atlanta. Let’s go over how room blocks work and what questions to ask the hotel you’re interested in reserving.

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What Is A Room Block?

A room block is reserving 10 or more hotel rooms. In turn, this saves you money and time, as most hotels give you a lower rate to pass onto guests when doing so. A room block also creates an atmosphere for guests to mingle, carpool, and spend time together. It also makes transportation services on your wedding day a lot easier. If all of your guests are at 2 to 3 hotels all within miles of each other, shuttle service to your ceremony is a breeze.

Make It A Stay To Remember 

First off, here are three major tips to remember when booking your room block(s):

  • Proximity of the hotel to your venue
  • Number of hotels to book at
  • Price comparing

Choosing a hotel that is close to your venue is key. This way it’s convenient for transportation services and guests who want to drive themselves. Now, based on the amount of out-of-towners attending your wedding, you may want to reserve room blocks at multiple hotels. Generally a hotel room block consists of 10 rooms. So, if you’re anticipating needing more than that, reach out to multiple hotels if your first choice only allows you to reserve 10. This is where price comparing comes in. If your first choice, we’ll call this Hotel A, offers you a great deal on your first room block, you can mention this to Hotels B an C as well. Some hotels will price match in order to gain your business.

Time Is Of The Essence 

As is everything related to wedding planning, time is of the essence. Whether you book at one hotel or multiple, make sure you touch base a couple months before if any changes need to be made. A general rule for hotels is you need to let them know 30 days prior to the start date if the number of rooms needs to decrease. Some hotels have what’s called courtesy room blocks. These don’t have a penalty attached to them if all of the rooms are not occupied. However, most hotels hold you responsible for 80% occupancy. So, if you block 10 rooms and only 7 end up occupied, you are responsible for paying for the 8th room. Be sure to clarify which type of room block the hotel offers. Georgia wedding planners are more than familiar with this and we’ll be working alongside you the whole way. If you ask us, we can remind you to contact the hotel(s) and make any ¬†necessary changes.

Like we said, room blocks don’t need to be a stressful endeavor. Map out your favorite spots, price compare, and get those bookings out of the way; the earlier the better! And don’t forget, your Detailed I Do’s planner will be with you ever step of the way with the knowledge and guidance needed to make your guests’ stay perfect!

Written By: Rachel Hegner

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