February 6, 2019

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Setting up your wedding website is likely one of the first things you’ll do after getting engaged. With your wedding website, you’re laying the foundation of the celebrations to come and giving your guests a first taste of what to expect. Below, find the top do’s and don’ts of wedding websites so you can make sure yours perfectly encapsulates your style.

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Do Stick With Your Theme

You’ve put so much effort into planning your wedding’s aesthetic and palette, so make the most of it! Use the same style when designing your wedding website, too. If it’s minimalist modern or a sophisticated black-tie event, the site should make it clear by its very nature.

Do Include Fun Stories + Personal Touches

Let visitors to your site get to know you better by giving them a bit of background on yourself and your soon-to-be spouse (which is especially helpful for guests, like a friend’s plus-one, who might not know you that well). Tell the story of how you met, have a link to the video footage of the proposal (on YouTube, Facebook Live or elsewhere), share a few of your favorite couple shots and post photos of wedding party members so guests will recognize who’s who at the wedding. You might also want to upload a photo album and add the details for a photo-sharing app, like Veri, for your guests. That way, you can stream all the moments along your journey to the altar from social media, or aggregate public snaps posted using your hashtag on your wedding website.

Do Cover The Basics

There are two reasons to make a wedding website. One is to give guests need-to-know info that may not be included on the invite. No need to bulk up envelopes with directions and hotel suggestions. This means you’ll want to cover the who, what, when and where, plus how to get there. The second reason is to add more information that guests will want to know, like suggested attire. Think of the site as a one-stop shop guests for whenever they have questions, instead of having to call you.

Don’t Forget About Out-Of-Towners

Post logistical details for guests making travel plans. They’ll certainly appreciate a heads-up that you’ve blocked rooms at a specific hotel and will love having all the info they need to reserve one. And you aren’t limited to adding just the hotel and venue info on your site. So, consider including great restaurants they might want to try and cool activities to do while they’re in town.

Do include registry details

Creating a website gives you a chance to tell everyone exactly where you’re registered—without seeming inappropriate. You should never include your registries on your wedding invites! On your website, you can even add links directly to your registries.

Don’t Mention Invitation Only Events

Yes, everyone who has access to your website is on your wedding guest list, but that doesn’t mean they’re on all the guest lists. If you’re having exclusive events, like a rehearsal dinner that’s for just the wedding party or a bridesmaids-only luncheon, leave those off the site and share that information separately so you don’t make other guests feel left out.

Don’t Use Online RSVP’s

While this feature might seem tempting, think about the last time you put an event on Facebook. Chances are you had a lot of friends show up to your birthday party who didn’t RSVP—as well as friends who said they’d be there and then bailed. Yes, your guests know that your wedding is more “official” than meeting for drinks, but online RSVPs aren’t taken as seriously as paper cards, so it’s best to go the formal route. Plus, your older or less tech-savvy guests may not be able to successfully RSVP online, meaning your count could be off or replies could be late.

We hope these Do’s and Do Not’s have helped guide you in creating your wedding website. As Atlanta wedding planners, one of our goals at Detailed I Do’s is to make the wedding planning process as easy as possible for you and all of your guests. By having a descriptive and clear wedding website, your guests will be on board with all your wedding weekend plans.

Written By: Danielle Cartwright

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