February 13, 2019

Atlanta Wedding Planner / Using Instagram As a Planning Tool

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The Gram’s Got You 

Using Instagram to do anything is pretty much common knowledge nowadays. But, what about using it as a tool to help plan your wedding? Instagram has become a platform for seeing inspiration everyday. Atlanta event planners such as ourselves, will all tell you that Instagram is a major hub for the wedding industry. There are endless connections to other vendors as well as new wedding content popping up everyday. Here are some ways that this app can help you get closer to your wedding day vision.

If You Love It, Save It!

Instagram provides a place to store any photos that catch your eye. If you see a photo that can serve as inspiration for your wedding day, tap the little flag icon on the bottom right of the post. This will add the picture to your saved gallery. Navigating to the saved gallery is easy. Just go to your main profile page and tap the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the screen, here you’ll see the saved gallery button.

Atlanta event planners

If you’ve ever had a Pinterest, you’re going to love Instagram’s version of being able to create your own ‘boards’, or Collections, as they call them. We suggest creating a collection for each wedding design elements such as: floral, tabletop, signage, paper, beauty, food & drinks. Okay we could go on forever because we love every detail! You don’t have to make a collection for everything, or even the major details, but if you keep seeing gorgeous floral arrangements and envisioning them in your reception space, then dedicate a collection to them! As your Atlanta event planners, we enjoy sorting through these saved images with you to create an aesthetic more than you know! Collaborating with our couples on design is one of the many elements of this work that we adore.

Atlanta event planners

Atlanta event planners

Ruling Things Out

As much pretty inspiration as there is on Instagram, there’s also a lot of things you come across you might not want. If you have definite No’s, like rustic elements, dimly lit photos, or a certain flower/color that you just can’t stand to look at, make note of these! For dislikes that you know you’ll remember, creating a collection on your saved page is probably unnecessary. However, for any new dislikes you may develop while browsing for inspo, feel free to save these and let your wedding planner know. Our job is to make your day everything you envision. We’ll make sure to steer all of your vendors clear of these items.

Learning From The Best 

Wedding pros are always posting tips and tricks on their feeds and stories! At Detailed I Do’s we love sharing tidbits of useful information with our followers. And we love following along with our fellow vendor friends, and their wedding wisdom. Be sure to follow local and out-of-state vendors that you think might be a good fit for your day. Chances are you’ll get a glimpse into their processes on Insta Stories and get a feel for their brand aesthetic in their feed. This is also a great way to pick up pointers from the pro’s who share blog posts & tips on their pages.

To sum it up, the Gram’s a perfect place for collecting inspiration and knowledge. We hope that after reading this you’ll think of Instagram as more than an app, but a tool you can use during this exciting time. Be sure to share you Instagram Collections with your wedding planner. Now get out there and find some inspiration.


Written By: Rachel Hegner

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