February 20, 2019

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Wedding Invitations

Signed, Sealed, Delivered 

Designing and sending out your wedding invitations is such an exciting step in the wedding planning process. It almost feels like the first movement towards the big day. Picturing your guests breaking the seal on the envelope and getting a first glimpse at the aesthetic and details of your wedding is a big deal! Invitation etiquette and the process is so important. However, it’s not common knowledge and that’s where we come in! Your Buckhead wedding planner can guide you in everything from invitation wording to properly informing guests about wedding weekend details. It’s all in the stationery! Today we’re focusing on the invitation essentials and four mistakes to avoid. Let’s get to it!

The Essentials

Here is the essential information you need to include on the actual invitation:

  • Who is hosting?
    • Is it a set of parents or you and your beau?
  • Who is being honored?
    • You and your fiancee’s full names
  • When and Where?
    • The most important element, right?!
    • Timing should be listed as well

When it comes to wording, there’s no need to fret. This is an element that your stationer or planner will know through and through. You’ll just need to let them know the above information and they’ll word it perfectly. If everyone invited to the ceremony is also invited to the reception, another essential piece to include is reception information. Along with that, you’ll need to include an RSVP card as well. A quick tip to remember as well is always ordering a few extra invites for styling on the day of and a few to have on hand just in case!

Four Mistakes To Avoid 

In the wedding invitation world there are definitely some faux pas that should always be avoided. Steering clear of these elements will keep your invitations classy and tasteful.

  1. Avoid listing gift registries or mention of gifts. You can include gift registry information on your wedding website. Leaving this off your invitation keeps the focus on the person whom you’re inviting.
  2. Don’t write “No Kids” or “Adults Only”. If you don’t want any children in attendance, then don’t include their names on the envelope or the phrase ‘and family’.
  3. Don’t reference alcohol service. Although this is an important element to most guests, because majority of people want your big day to be an amazing party right?! However, it should not be included on invitations.
  4. Hire a calligrapher or have addresses pre-printed. This is not a required add-on, but we highly suggest it. You and your stationer worked so hard to craft your invitations beautifully, so your envelopes need to look just as wonderful! In most cases, if you are working with a stationer, they will also be able to hand address the envelopes for you. But, if you ordered your invitations online be sure to hire a calligrapher to hand address your envelopes!

We hope these tips and tricks have helped steer you in the right direction! As your Buckhead wedding planner, we love the invitation crafting process. It’s such an exciting and important step to focus on!


Written By: Rachel Hegner


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