March 6, 2019

Atlanta Wedding Planner / A Groom’s Duties


“I love her and that’s the beginning and the end of everything.” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

Being A Groom 

Decades ago the groom’s duties amounted to buying the ring, popping the question, and well . . . that was pretty much it. He of course was expected to show up on the time on the big day, but most choices did not involve the groom at all. However, times have changed and we are oh so glad! The groom now has a say in major choices, after all marriage is a partnership and your wedding should be a collaboration between you and your groom. As your Atlanta wedding planner, the Detailed I Do’s team gets to know both our brides and our grooms. We ask the couple questions collectively. We are not only concerned about what the bride wants, but also what the groom has to say.

The groom’s opinion is a valuable one and often times concise and to the point. When brides are having trouble making up their minds it’s our job to help them narrow it down and it’s always a great help when the groom can jump in too and bring peace of mind to his bride-to-be. Being a groom is about being a partner, a visionary, and a steadfast man for your bride throughout the planning process.

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A Groom’s Traditional Duties

The groom has a set of traditional duties that he normally handles. As we’ve said times are changing, so the duties listed below include but are not limited to what the groom does!

  • Creating his part of the guest list.
    • This also includes making sure he gets his parents’ guest list.
  • Choosing his groomsmen.
    • Duh! This is such a fun experience for a groom: choosing who he’ll surround himself with on the big day!
  • Choosing his attire + his groomsmen’s attire.
    • We always recommend grooms take a look at The Black Tux’s Style Guide. The Black Tux is a great formal wear company with impeccable taste, which is just what he needs for him and his groomsmen.
  • Selecting thank you gifts for his groomsmen.
  • Attending tastings and helping with food & bar selections.
  • Helping with selection of entertainment.
  • Arranging (and traditionally paying for) the bridal party’s lodging.
  •  Selecting a wedding day gift for his bride.
  • Planning the bachelor party.
    • Most of the time this is done in collaboration with the best man.
  • Obtaining the marriage license.
  • Giving the wedding rings to the best man for safe keeping before the ceremony.
Atlanta wedding planner

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As you can see, the groom has quite the array of traditional duties that are up to him. For our couples, the groom is often times involved in the choosing of the venue, design, rehearsal dinner, and much more. Remember as a groom you are her partner and it will be fun to roll up your sleeves and dig into this process together! We understand that life is hectic and in fact, that’s why hiring an Atlanta wedding planner is all the more worth while! But, we love a groom that gets as involved as he can, because this day is a milestone, so jump in with us and let’s make it happen!


Written By: Rachel Hegner

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