March 27, 2019

Atlanta Wedding Planner / Late Night Snacks at Your Wedding

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Calling All Late-Night Snackers 

Do you get late-night cravings that you can’t help but give in to? Do you have a feeling that your wedding guests do too? As Atlanta event coordinators, our team is seeing more and more couples provide late-night snacks at their reception. Often times, this is a detail that’s unbeknownst to guests and watching their reactions is priceless! If this is something you know the two of you + all your guests will enjoy, we say go for it! You only do this once, so why not wrap up the night with some late-night eats?!

Narrow it down to one of your favorite savory or sweet snacks. Maybe it’s Waffle House or maybe it’s ice-cream sandwiches like the one pictured above from Honeysuckle Gelato. Whatever you’re craving may be, your Detailed I Do’s planner will help figure out how to provide it to guests at the reception.

Consult Your Caterer

Depending on the snack, your caterer may actually be able to make it themselves. Catering chefs are so talented at recreating classic treats and it may save you money to have them recreate it instead of ordering it straight from the source. If you’re not in love with this idea and are set on having the original, we can help you order that through your caterer as well. It’s easier to order through your caterer in instances like this because you won’t have to fret about where to ship it and hauling it to the venue, etc.

In some instances, the company that makes your late night snack of choice may be able to make an appearance at the venue with a pop-up booth. This may not be possible with large corporations or out of state companies, but smaller, local companies like King of Pops will set up shop at your wedding reception!

Bring Out The Snacks 

Let’s setup the scenario because we want you to envision how epic this will be. You’re on the dance floor. In fact, you and all of your guests are on the dance floor, because the Detailed I Do’s team makes it our mission to not only plan your wedding, but get the party started. All of a sudden, a delicious smell wafts over from another area. Your guests begin to notice it too. It’s been about three hours since dinner was served and all this dancing and libation is making everyone hungry. It’s the perfect time for a late-night snack and little do they know that’s just what you anticipated. Guests begin making their way over to the table of {insert favorite late-night snack here} and find exactly what they’ve been wanting.

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Photo By: The Willetts

We know this idea may not be up everyone’s alley and your budget may not allow for it either. But, if providing some late-night dancing fuel for your guests is something that resonates with you and your new spouse, then by all means as your Atlanta event coordinators, we want to help make it happen! Wether it’s Taco Bell, Waffle House, Chick-fil-A, Insomnia Cookies, or a local Atlanta-based company that you hold dear, this is such a fun surprise for guests and always keeps the party going!


Written By: Rachel Hegner

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