April 10, 2019

Atlanta Wedding Planner / Rental Furniture at Your Wedding

Wedding Venue

Envisioning The Space 

What do you picture when it comes to your reception space? Envision the space filled with tables, chairs, and floral like it will be on your wedding day. How about your cocktail hour space? Along with highboys and maybe some small round tables, guests may need more seating to get comfortable. Plus, adding in furniture always enhances the space making it feel more luxurious, yet homey. Rental furniture is just another extension of your color palette and wedding design aesthetic. You can have fun with the colors and patterns, maybe even incorporate your wedding crest here if you have one! Remember to use your imagination! And of course, as your wedding planner, that’s where we come in too! Keep scrolling to find out more of our Atlanta wedding planner tips below!

Why Rental Furniture?

  • It’s fun!

Rental furniture is such a fun addition to your reception space/cocktail hour. Furniture rental companies have everything from throw pillows to coffee tables to bar carts. The possibilities are endless! Here are rental companies that our team adores working with:

Paying a visit to anny of these warehouses is a great way for you and your beau to spend the day.

We understand of course that just because renting furniture for your big day is fun, doesn’t mean that everyone has it in their budget. As your full-service wedding planner, we will always work around your budget, but like we said it’s fun, so if you can find room, definitely incorporate some pieces!

  • It enhances the space. 

Pictured below is a rental bar cart that was used as a s’mores station out on the patio at a reception at Ventanas.  After hours of dancing, guests made their way out to the fire pit patio only to find this adorable bar cart stocked with s’mores supplies! Rental items like this one bring even more unique elements to your design, plus this calls for a cute photo op! Guests feel so special when extra details are added: a couch off to the side of the dance floor, comfy chairs and a coffee table at cocktail hour, or a bar cart stocked with goodies! Not only do rentals enhance your space, but they also enhance guests’ experiences as well.

  • It can be re-purposed.

Like we said, as your full-service wedding planner, we’re always thinking up ways to save budget-wise. If rental furniture is part of your big day, you better believe we will figure out a way to re-purpose it! This way, that gorgeous piece you rented can be seen and sat upon all throughout the day. In the second photo below, that beautiful wicker couch was used to seat family in the first two rows of the ceremony! Then, set up at cocktail hour amongst other furniture for guests to lounge on. Unless you’re wanting each piece to be different, there’s no reason not to re-purpose the items at cocktail hour or the reception space!

There Are So Many Options! 

It can be overwhelming to choose rental furniture with all the different options! Unless you’re an interior designer or have a knack for it, this is a stressful task. Among all the other items on your wedding checklist, don’t fear, this is where we come in! As wedding planners, our team has become experts in choosing pieces that will complement your color palette and keep everything looking cohesive. We love accompanying our couples to rental appointments. We’ll walk the warehouse with you and put together to perfect setup!

Other Details to Consider 

Be mindful of the dimensions of the space. If the space you’re wanting to feature lounge furniture in has strict dimensions, like a gazebo, have these in hand before heading to choose furniture. If you’re working with an Atlanta wedding planner, they should obtain a copy of the floor plan and dimensions of the space. And one last thing to consider, don’t be afraid to have fun with the colors and design! Rental furniture should accentuate your color palette. We hope these Atlanta wedding planner tips on rental furniture have been helpful! Happy hunting!


Written By: Rachel Hegner

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