May 1, 2019

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Being Atlanta wedding planners, we see a lot of questions from couples regarding their bridal party. Questions range from how to choose the MOH/best man, how many members to have, when to ask, and what is budget-practical? Your wedding attendants should serve as your support system and be honored to share this experience with you! Those chosen to be a part of your bridal party should be picked carefully and fully trusted to help you make this experience one to remember.

Atlanta wedding planners
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Choosing Your People

For some this can be a simple task. However, for many people choosing which family members and friends to include in you bridal party can be tough. Let’s go over a few ground rules that will ease your stress:

  1. There is no cap on number of attendants you can have. You can have one or you can have 12 +, it’s totally up to you.
  2. It’s not absolutely necessary to have an equal number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. Although, logistically it may make things easier, it truly does not matter, so no need to fret.
  3. You can totally have attendants of the opposite sex. ‘Bridesmen’ and ‘Groomswomen’ as we like to call them.
  4. If choosing one maid of honor or best man is stressing you out completely, it’s okay to have more than one. These two can share the duties and have fun doing it together! Or have none!

Now that we’ve laid the ground work, let’s discuss qualities to look for when choosing attendants.

Atlanta wedding planners
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What To Look For

As Atlanta wedding planners we know that you love each and every one of your potential attendants dearly. However, there are certain qualities to look out for when choosing your bridal party. Like we said before, it is an honor to be a part of your wedding and this group needs to be your support system.

Remember the 3 C’s when choosing your attendants: consideration, courtesy, and charisma. A considerate attendant is one who will always have your best interest in mind and understand that this process is not about them. They’ll want to be helpful but will not cause stress with demands or orders. A courteous attendant behaves appropriately. As Atlanta wedding planners, we will say that bridal party members that lack courtesy can stick out like a sore thumb. Your attendants are an extension of you, so their behavior at special functions and on the day of is so important! And lastly, charisma. Will this person get the party started?! A charismatic attendant is one who will keep you laughing and enjoying the day through and through.

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You Can’t Choose Everyone . . .

We know what you’re thinking: how do I prevent people’s feelings from getting hurt? Maybe you have a dear friend that you’d love to have in your bridal party but the wedding budget just won’t allow it. Or maybe this person just isn’t in the financial position to be able to cover the expenses that come with being an attendant. In situations like this, it’s a great idea to still include this person in your big day in another way. Ask them to give a reading during the ceremony, usher guests to their seats, or give a blessing before the meal at the reception. That way, this friend can still feel honored to be a part of this exciting experience with you!

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