June 26, 2019

Atlanta Wedding Planner / Tips On Staying Organized

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Being organized is a must for some of us, while others can go with the flow and care less. We fall more on the organized side, being wedding planners, but we applaud those who can throw out the lists and wing it. However, when it comes to being a bride, staying organized overall is a must. Even after you’ve hired your full service wedding planner, staying organized will make your life even easier. This week we’re sharing some Atlanta wedding tips on how to stay organized as a bride.

Atlanta engagement tips
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Create A Separate Email Account

By creating a separate email account for you and your fiancee to use during the planning process, you’ll be able to keep all things wedding related in the same place. This may seem like overkill at first but once you start reaching out to vendors, or sometimes vendors will reach out to you, it will keep you organized. Depending on which planning package you book with us, you may be selecting some of your own vendors and sometimes email communication can get overwhelming. We recommend making a folder for each category. Create a ‘Floral’ folder and a ‘Hair and Makeup’ folder and so on. That way, whether it’s your planner sending over a design plan for you to approve, or you inquiring with several different hair and makeup artists, each area of the planning process can be stored separately and without confusion.

Another email organization method we’e found super helpful is making the subject lines of your emails very clear. Like we said, email communication can get confusing, especially when you have multiple people copied on the same thread and everyone is replying. So, keep your subject lines focused. Try not to just reply back in the same thread if your topic is now completely different than the previous exchange. This makes it easier to track down information at a later date and overall can make the weeks leading up to the big day a lot simpler for you!

Atlanta wedding tips
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Follow The Yellow Brick Road

What we really mean is follow the Aisle Planner Checklist. This is a very important trick out of our bag of Atlanta wedding tips. When you book with us, you gain access to our planning software: Aisle Planner. With Aisle Planner comes the mother of all checklists. This list will keep you so on track you won’t know what hit you. It features everything from obtaining a marriage license to determining whether you’ll save or serve the top tier of your cake. And the best part is, it tells you when to complete each item by giving a time period out from the big day. Below is a snapshot of the Bride’s Checklist portion to give you an idea of how helpful this can be!

Atlanta wedding tips

Delegate, Because You Can.

Planning a wedding is a group effort. As your full service Atlanta wedding planner, we’re responsible for most of the big tasks. But, things like sealing up invitation envelopes or assembling wedding favors are things you can delegate to friends and family! With how busy works schedules and just life in general can get, you and your fiancee cannot take on these tasks alone. For some people, delegating tasks like these can be hard, but trust us, it’s worth it to have a team of people helping you.

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Instagram Is Your Friend

If you didn’t already know, Instagram is an amazing wedding planning tool. It’s a great way to keep all wedding related inspiration in one place. Once you get engaged it can become overwhelming when it comes to design decisions. That’s why you have us and our full planning + design package, but also why you have Instagram. Simply save that photo of the cake you saw that you loved. You can even create separate ‘Collections’ for cake, floral, or tableware inspo. The list goes on. If you want to read more into how Instagram can be used as a planning tool, check out our blog post here.

We hope these tips on staying organized will alleviate some of the pressure you may be feeling as a bride-to-be. We’re experts in staying organized and are confident these methods will keep the stress off your shoulders as much as possible. The planning process is the ride of a lifetime. Each step and decision gets you closer to saying ‘I Do’, which is what this is all about. Congratulations on your engagement! To find out more about our planning packages, get in touch with us here. We can’t wait to get to know you!

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