July 24, 2019

Atlanta Wedding Planner / Choosing A Wedding Photographer

Atlanta Wedding Photographer

On your wedding day, being in the moment is everything. Staying present with your other half as the day whizzes by (because unfortunately it always seems to) is something that must be top priority. And when it comes to choosing a wedding planner in Atlanta, it’s key that your choice makes you feel at ease and stress-free leading up to the wedding day. The more of a ‘dream team’ you vendors feel like, the more you’ll be able to stay totally present on the day of. Photography plays a major role; as you spend the day enjoying every moment, your photographer will do all the memory capturing.

Selecting your wedding photographer is a big decision, arguably the most important to some. That’s where we come in! As a wedding planner in Atlanta, we know what goes into this decision for couples and have the perfect guide. Booking a photographer is not as simple as liking their grid on Instagram, although that does play a role. There are details that must be hashed out. Here’s what to look out for!

First Things First: Style

What do you love about a photograph? Does you eye favor bright and clean or moody and shaded? From a wedding planner’s perspective, we’re finding that moody photography is becoming more and more popular. However, the classically bright photography style will never become passé. You and your wedding photographer have to be on the same page when it comes to style. They want to serve you as best they can but sometimes that’s difficult when your styles just don’t mesh. So, keep these two general styles in mind when scouting out your photographer:

  • Bright + Airy – The photo of the tablescape above is an example of a brighter photography style. The contrasting colors are prominent and each detail is well lit.
  • Moody + Shaded – The photograph of the bouquet below is an example of a moody style. The backdrop is more muted allowing for a stark contrast between the background and floral detail. This style often plays with shadows and dimmer lighting.

Communication Is Key

Let’s be honest, we’re not all great at communication 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Everybody has off days when getting back to people can be difficult. However, as a wedding planner in Atlanta, we make it top priority (and we mean top) to respond to our clients in ample time. We are here to serve you. There is an air of professionalism that must be maintained no matter what. So, when you begin communication with a photographer make note of a few things:

  • How quickly did they respond? – A fast response time when you first inquire is important. This shows you that they’re eager and available to chat. Plus, this helps for the booking process to go faster and smoother.
  • Are they organized and punctual? – After speaking with your photographer, or in some cases meeting them, do they appear organized? Were they on time for your appointment / phone call? These details could be reflection of how they will be on the day of the wedding, so pay close attention.

Check Off Your Boxes

After finding photographers that fit your style and communication standards, there are a few more essentials to check off. All these details can be found in the photographer’s contract, so before signing, thoroughly check over what’s included. And as your Atlanta wedding planner, we’re here to guide this process and will have eyes on each vendor contract.

  • Hours of Coverage – Double check the package you’ve selected and make sure the number of hours will cover the timeframe you want captured on the day of.
  • Second Shooters – A second shooter is an assistant that accompanies the photographer on the day-of and takes photos as well. In our opinion, a second shooter is a must! One person cannot be in two places at once. This is an important box to check to ensure each precious moment is captured.
  • Timeframe For Editing – The contract should state a timeframe in which you can expect to receive your gallery of photos. For reference, the standard is 4 to 6 weeks. The contract should also tell you a ballpark amount of how many images the gallery will include. If this is an important detail to you, look out for this number!
  • Cancellation Policy – In the unfortunate event that the photographer cannot make it on the wedding day, there needs to be backup plan. Included in the contract should be a clause that states how they will deal with this. It should be made clear that the photographer will find an ample replacement that will capture your wedding day just as well as they can!

When you choose our partial or full planning packages, these are all details we sort out for you. Reading over contracts can be stressful and time consuming, so let us be your guide when it comes to this step!

Now You’re Ready!

Choosing a photographer is such an exciting phase in the planning process. These are photos you’ll cherish forever and share with generations to come. We hope these steps will help you book your dream photographer that will serve your style and personality perfectly. Happy hunting!

Written By: Rachel Hegner

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