August 7, 2019

Atlanta Wedding Planner / What Full Design Looks Like

Atlanta Wedding Planner

This week we’re breaking down what booking our Full Design package really looks like. To some this package may seem too good to be true, but we assure you this is a viable option for those who want a cohesive wedding design that only requires booking one vendor, your full-service Atlanta wedding planner, us!

A One-Stop Shop

Our Full Design package truly is a one-stop shop. With this option, we handle all of your floral, design, and planning needs! The option for you to book all three of these crucial services with one vendor will be a weight off your shoulders no doubt. We strive to create a more luxury experience for our couples as a full-service Atlanta wedding planner by crafting a personal aesthetic for your celebration. Our in-house design and floral teams concoct one design plan that will not get lost in translation. Many couples that book these vendors separately often experience a rollercoaster ride of emotion during the process. Hours of work are put into a design plan that unfortunately may not be executed on the wedding day. This brings us to our next point, making everything cohesive.

Atlanta wedding planner

Making It Cohesive

After years of experience planning + designing weddings, our team has a theory: the more sets of different hands your wedding vision goes through, the more likely it is to be slightly (or largely) off base from what you pictured. What we mean is that it can be difficult for separate vendors to see exactly eye to eye on what your vision is, therefore making it tough to execute perfectly. But, when you book our in-house floral and design team, we’ll be finishing each other’s sentences at the design meeting! If that doesn’t tell you enough, let us introduce you to our head floral designer, Megan.

In-House Floral Team

Although we just announced this year that we’re doing in-house florals, Megan and Danielle, founder of Detailed I Do’s, have been crafting up design plans together for the past five years. It’s not only a partnership, but a friendship, that has been long in the making. It was always evident to us that eventually Megan would become part of the Detailed I Do’s team. And now, drumroll please, she is the head floral designer of our in-house floral team! That has such a nice ring to it! Megan has a personal relationship with each of our planners. This is so important to us because it really shows during the planning and design process with our couples. With Megan, we’re always on the same page design-wise.

Rental Suppliers

How do we source our design aspects you may wonder? Our wonderful rental suppliers make the process so easy for us, therefore making it simple for you. Aside from floral and planning, we provide full in-house design. Over the years our head planner, Danielle, has formed relationships with some of the best rental suppliers in the Southeast. Because of this, we can ensure the price will be right for you when booking design aspects such as linens, tableware, flatware, chairs, lounge furniture, and so much more when you do so through us! It’s as simple as that! Tell us your wedding day dreams and we’ll do all the leg work to make sure they come to life.

Peace Of Mind

With all this in mind, we hope you’ve gained a better understanding of what our full-design package entails. As a company, Detailed I Do’s is set on creating an easy process for couples to express their vision. Some come to us with a binder full of inspiration while others may just have a couple colors they absolutely love, either way we come alongside you and make planning + design fun! With our full-design option you can rest easy knowing your design plans are in the hands of a talented team that will keep everything cohesive, and most importantly craft the day of your dreams.

full-service wedding design
Photo By: Hannah Forsberg

Written By: Rachel Hegner

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