August 21, 2019

Atlanta Wedding Planner / Our Top Southeastern Cities

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As Atlanta wedding planners, we live in one of the most sought-after cities in the Southeast. But, as destination wedding planners, we live in one of the most popular regions. The Southeast is booming and no one can stop it. We’ve got sun, sand, and mountains, what more could you need? As a destination wedding planner, our team has worked in some amazing cities all over the Southeast. We focus the majority of our attention on the cities surrounding us when it comes to ‘destinations’. Although we will travel how ever far and wide planning your perfect day takes us, so if anyone is thinking of jet-setting off to Europe to get hitched, we’re right behind you!

We’ve got the inside scoop on these five Southeastern wedding destinations. Each one is its own little oasis and has a touch of Southern charm.

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A city full of rich history, cobblestone streets, and the smell of fresh ocean air, Charleston, South Carolina rests on the perfect piece of eastern shoreline. If you haven’t visited Charleston believe us when we say it’s an absolute must! Upon leaving this classic Southern city, you’re sure to leave a piece of your heart behind. Not to mention, the farm-to-table bites and craft cocktails will undoubtedly keep you coming back for more.

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Last year, we had the amazing opportunity to plan and design this elegant affair at Magnolia Plantation. The gardens that encompass this venue are some of the oldest public gardens in the United States, opening their doors in 1870 to the public. If you choose Charleston as your destination for your wedding, Magnolia Plantation should be at the top of your list when scouting venues. It’s truly breathtaking and definitely the perfect place to create lifelong memories with your beau and beloved guests.

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Amelia Island

This next destination is another gem on the East coast. About four hours south of Charleston lies Amelia Island: a barrier island off the coast of Florida that has thirteen miles of beach. There are several gorgeous wedding venues on Amelia Island, but the one that stands out most to us is The Ritz Carlton.

The Ritz Carlton Amelia Island is a stunning resort set right on the beach. Despite the sheer size of this property, The Ritz still makes you feel right at home. As destination wedding planners, we value venues like this one so much. At The Ritz, all of your family and friends can be in the same place during your wedding weekend. And there’s a sense of relaxation in the air at this hotel that will make you never want to leave.

St. Simons and Jekyll Islands

If you trek back up the coast about an hour you’ll find yourself on the quaint and peaceful Jekyll Island and just next to this is St. Simons. These islands are within the chain of Golden Isles and have such a warmth about them that’s so welcoming. It’s a place where wildlife is cherished, ancient ruins remain open to the public, and Spanish moss creates canopies throughout the forests.

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The Detailed I Do’s team crafted this amazing day for Eleni and Dylan at The Crane Cottage. We often revisit this gallery and tell stories from this trip! It’s an experience we’ll forever cherish. The Crane Cottage is one of the Jekyll Island Club Resort‘s wedding venues. Located just off the water (do you see a pattern here? We’re beach lovers!), Crane Cottage’s Spanish-style architecture, sunken garden, and European courtyard make it a truly unique destination venue.

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destination wedding planners

Within the outer walls lies this breathtaking courtyard. Balconies from guest’s rooms on either side surround this focal point. Our team felt as though we were on the grounds of an estate rather than at an extension of a resort. The Crane Cottage doesn’t make you feel like just a guest. With thirteen rooms, renting out the cottage would mean immediate family and close friends could stay right on the grounds.

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Situated in between all of these destinations is the historic Savannah, Georgia. As Georgia’s oldest city, Savannah has that romantic southern feel that’s brought to life by it’s architecture and those over two-hundred year old oak trees. Because it was a port city during both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, the stories Savannah will tell you are deeper and more rich than most other Southeastern cities.

Savannah is stacked with gorgeous wedding venues such as the Ford Plantation and the Savannah Yacht Club. Choosing to have your big day in this city will be nothing short of a Southern-style adventure.

Written By: Rachel Hegner

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