September 5, 2019

Atlanta Wedding Planner / Vendor Spotlight: Moveable Feast ATL

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Don’t you feel like the week after Labor Day can feel so long? Even though it’s only four days! Ha! Aside from the exhaustion a three day weekend can bring, the blog post for us this week was easy as pie because of how much we adore the husband-and-wife team that is Moveable Feast ATL. Meet Paula and Ollie, a dynamic duo that bring not only delicious, but uniquely beautiful food to each event they cater. From the first time our team worked with Moveable Feast ATL, we knew they were something special. As an Atlanta wedding vendor, Moveable Feast goes above and beyond in presentation, aesthetic, and taste! We could stare at photos of their spreads all day, not to mention devour them! With a well-rounded palate, these two swear by seasonal, farm-to-table ingredients and we couldn’t agree more.

We had the pleasure of asking Paula and Ollie a few questions that we were dying to know the answers to and we know you are too. Keep reading for more about this amazing Atlanta wedding vendor team.

1. Tell us about how the dream for Moveable Feast was born:

Moveable Feast was born out of our shared desire to spend more time together and create jobs that we loved. In our early twenties, we often talked excitedly about creating a family business that combined Paula’s entrepreneurial drive and tasteful aesthetics with my cooking skills and slow food values. It was a “grass-is-greener” fantasy that gave us hope while Paula was traveling every week for her consulting job and I was cooking til 3am every night–until it became real! We finally took the plunge in 2017 to create this business together — we were both ready to leave our current positions and it felt like a now-or-never moment. There are good weeks and hard weeks, but most of the time we just appreciate how lucky we are to do what we do.

Atlanta wedding vendor

2. How did you two meet? (we’ve got to know the love story, it’s in our bones)

We started dating in high school. We had friends in common and both played sports, but the relationship really blossomed in Physics class. First date we went to a hole-in-the-wall French bistro and then to Netherworld haunted house. It was a killer first date orchestrated by Ollie. I’d say the romance started slowly because it takes Paula six months to warm up to anyone, plus we were in high school and awkward. Over the last 13 (!) years we’ve been able to create a strong relationship through communication, trust, honesty and compromise. Humor, food, values and really liking each other have also been helpful!

Atlanta wedding vendor

Okay we just need to briefly pause your reading to say look at how beautiful Paula and Ollie are! These two share the sweetest love and we might be plotting to use them as models for our next styled shoot.

3. What is your favorite part about catering a wedding day?

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime party whose purpose is to celebrate and formalize a couple’s love and commitment to each other in front of their closest community. It’s a timeless human institution that spans epochs and cultures the world over. I guess my favorite part of the day is setting out in the van and feeling very confident. Everything is packed and ready, all the right people are in place, the food and mise-en-place looked over and tasted . . . knowing that we will add to the specialness and excitement of the day and hopefully be a highlight in everyone’s memory.

Atlanta wedding vendor
Tableware: Tablemade.Co

4. To date, what’s your favorite spread you’ve created?

That would have to be our the grazing table and family-style dinner we did for a wedding in June at Chattooga Belle Farm in South Carolina. It was an outdoor venue and the view of the Nantahala National Forest was absolutely mesmerizing. It was an exquisite, high production event and we really hit our stride with the food. Our grazing table looked and tasted outstanding with tons of dynamic combinations . . . basically a farmers market spilling out onto the table. (We even skipped the salad course and instead added lettuce cups to the grazing table!) The couple really understood our vision for the food and trusted us to create a delicious meal and experience for them and their guests, so that was pretty incredible.

Atlanta wedding vendor

5. What is one of your dream destinations / venues to work at? 

Gosh, we are both such foliage lovers so we are very much looking forward to doing an event at the Botanical Gardens. Our favorite venue to work at has got to be Factory Atlanta . . .  a great space in Doraville, tastefully done, very well managed and more accessible than many of the more congested venues . . . not to mention Buford Highway nightlife. Factory was also where we catered our first wedding — with y’all!

Atlanta wedding vendor

Gosh don’t you just love these two? Their hearts for hosting and creating a memorable experience for each wedding day is unparalleled. Paula and Ollie, we so enjoyed getting to know more about Moveable Feast ATL. As a fellow Atlanta wedding vendor, we can’t wait for more wedding days where we get to work alongside you two. Trust us when we say that putting your wedding food vision in the hands of the Moveable Feast ATL team will be everything you imagined and more. They’re notorious for making wedding days extra special.

Catering: Moveable Feast ATL

Photography By: Michelle Scott Photo

Location: Mayker Creative

Written By: Rachel Hegner

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