September 25, 2019

Atlanta Wedding Planner / Why A Day Of Coordinator Is Never The Best Option

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We know what you’re thinking, how could a day of coordinator not be the best option if you’re super organized and have all your ducks in a row? Let us explain, from a wedding planner’s perspective, why this option is cause for concern.

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What’s The Difference?

When you begin your wedding planning journey, you’ll come across several different options for booking a wedding planner. The verbiage of these positions can get confusing real quick. Let’s break down the difference between a wedding planner and a day of coordinator:

  • Wedding Planner – is involved throughout the majority, if not entirety, of the planning process. Wedding planners help plan every element of the wedding weekend while providing a hands on experience. They’ll usually begin working with you 6 months to a year out, but this can vary depending on when you book. For couples who feel they don’t need help that far out, we do offer a Month of Coordination package. Although this is labeled as ‘month of’, we begin working with you 8 to 10 weeks out to ensure no detail goes unnoticed.
  • Day Of Coordinator – Begin communication the week of the wedding and assist in running your rehearsal and timeline on the day of. A day of coordinator will do as much as they can to organize last minute details in a weeks time. They’ll also serve as your primary contact/support system on your wedding day.


Logistically speaking, having a day of coordinator can sometimes make things more difficult. Since they have only just been introduced to one of the biggest events in your lifetime a week before it takes place, a day of coordinator cannot be expected to execute everything perfectly. All of the little details you’ve ironed out over the past year cannot be conveyed to someone in a matter of days. Even if you’re the most organized person, something is bound to get lost in translation.

Without being involved throughout the process, it’s likely the day of coordinator will not know some of your other vendors. Because they act as your point of contact, it’s easiest to hire vendors who have pre-existing relationships. That’s why when working with a wedding planner, we provide you with a list of recommended vendors. This makes it easier for all vendors involved to piece together your perfect day! Your day of coordinator will also need to get in contact with vendors the week of the wedding. This can be extremely tough since this is a hectic time. Plus, it’s the first time vendors would be hearing from your coordinator.


As wedding planners, we understand how important it is to really get to know our couples and their families. You’ll spend more time with us than you may think and it’s our goal to know you personally. This is one of our absolute favorite parts about what we do. We don’t just keep tissues in our aprons for you and family . . . we’ll be needing them too as we send you down the aisle!

A day of coordinator simply cannot measure up to the relationship you develop with a wedding planner. Being a wedding planner entails making quick decisions on the wedding day and these have to reflect what the couple wants. There’s no way someone you’ve met that week or even sometimes the day before can be entrusted to do this. Whether it’s needing to move the DJ table due to an unexpected power outage or helping an emotional family member, a day of coordinator will not be fully equipped.

What Is A Venue Coordinator?

While we’re on the subject of differentiating types of wedding planning professionals, we’ll clarify what a venue coordinator does. A venue coordinator is not a wedding planner. This is someone who works for the venue and are there to run things logistically for the venue. While venue coordinators are very helpful for answering venue-related questions and instructing venue staff, they are not wedding planners. Often times, venue coordinators will leave early in the evening or may not be present at all on the day of.

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We hope this info has cleared up any confusion about who does what. In the wedding industry these terms are used incorrectly or interchangeably. Which can make it more confusing for engaged couples looking for planning help. Whatever type of planner/coordinator you decide to book, be sure it’s what you want and what suites you best!

Written By: Rachel Hegner

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