December 4, 2019

Atlanta Wedding Planner / First Anniversary Gift Ideas

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After the big day and of course the honeymoon, the next exciting milestone is your one year anniversary. This is an important one to really go all out for because the one year mark is such an exciting time as newly weds! As one of the leading Atlanta wedding planning teams, we’re not only experts in planning and design, but offer tips for things like honeymoon packing and this week’s topic: anniversary gift ideas are also our forte! The theme for one year wedding anniversaries is paper. Now this can mean a lot of different things and you can get as creative as you want! Check out some of our ideas below!

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Anniversary Gifts By Year

Traditionally, wedding anniversaries have a theme. We’ve listed a few of the milestones below as a guide but you can view the full list here.

  • One Year: Paper
  • Five Year: Wood
  • Ten Year: Tin/Aluminum
  • Fifteen Year: Crystal
  • Twenty Year: China
  • Twenty-Five Year: Silver
  • Fifty Year: Gold
  • Sixty Year: Diamond

This tradition has roots in both English and German cultures. In medieval Germany, if a couple lived to their 25th anniversary they were presented with a silver wreath from friends and family. On their 50th anniversary they were given a wreath of gold. The symbols and patterns have changed overtime. Originally, the only years that had specified gifts were the milestone years listed above. But in 1937, the American National Retail Jeweler Association created a specific gift for anniversaries one to twenty-five and then one for every fifth year after that. So, this tradition has been around for quite some time and is such a cool tradition to carry out in your own marriage!

Ideas For Year One

A Painting

Choose a favorite portrait from your wedding gallery and have it made into a painting. You’ll create a piece of wall art that’s a constant reminder of your special day. Etsy is a great source for finding artists that will turn photos into paintings.

Boudoir Book

Creating a boudoir book for your spouse is a fun and sexy way to celebrate your one year anniversary. What better gift is there?! We know posing half-naked in front of a photographer can feel uncomfortable, but remember photographers who shoot boudoir are professionals and enjoy helping you create something memorable for your spouse. If your wedding photographer offers boudoir sessions, you could book with them if you feel comfortable. A boudoir photographer that one of our brides recently gave a rave review to is Elizabeth Roses Photography.

Using Your Vows

If the two of you wrote your own vows, another great gift would be to have phrases from your vows written out by a calligrapher and framed. Or printing the script on other paper goods such as stationery or stamps to use as a couple. Choosing phrases from your vows is such a special sentiment to celebrate your first year as a married couple.

Star Map

Another popular option for a paper gift is having a star map made that shows what the stars looked like on your Atlanta wedding night. Creatives that do this can also be found on Etsy.

Whether you go with one of our ideas above or come up with something creative that’s all your own, your one year anniversary will be made special with something paper. As an Atlanta wedding pro, we love following along with our couple’s love stories even after the wedding day is over. We wish you the happiest of anniversaries on your first of many milestones to come!

Written By: Rachel Hegner

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