February 13, 2020

Atlanta Wedding Planner / Everything You Need To Know About Our Design Services

Atlanta Event Planner

So you’ve been following along with our work for a while, you might have just gotten engaged & your wondering how it all works with our Atlanta wedding planner and design team?

Well we’ve got you covered and we are so excited to share some behind the scenes info on our process with clients while taking our inspiration from ideas, to reality.

Our clients have the opportunity to work with our in-house design team that provides a unique and cohesive experience, while we craft a personal aesthetic for each celebration.

Atlanta wedding planner


Well for a lot of reasons! As your Atlanta Wedding Planner we get to know you personally. This includes your likes, dislikes, hot buttons etc. This process of getting to know each other establishes trust between us, and it helps to use a design team you know can pull off exactly what you are looking for. Because your Detailed I Do’s planner is the one who creates your inspiration and puts together design ideas for your event, it makes it feel like a much smoother process using our team for these items. These ideas came from us after all, so it only makes sense to use the source of those distinctive ideas for execution.

atlanta wedding planners
Photo by: Sowing Clover Photography

Early on in our business creation we would curate gorgeous inspiration, mood boards & design plans for our clients that we then passed along to local florists. As much as we love our local florists, we noticed over time that the final product on the day of wasn’t meshing 100% with the thoughts we had discussed / passed along. This wasn’t their fault at ALL! It is just really tough to take other creatives ideas and execute without putting your own spin on them, we are actually taught to do this as creatives! And everything interprets things differently. So, this lead us to hire an amazing design team that can execute our ideas effectively. These are designers and setup assistants who feel like family to us, who know our style and aesthetic & who even know how we think. So this is super helpful.


Another way this helps our clients who use us for full in house design is that we play middle man. We work closely with our floral team to create perfect proposals, we gather pricing from our rental suppliers to add to our clients design plans so that our couples aren’t having to communicate with a multitude of vendors to pull off the wedding of their dreams. For bigger weddings this could mean communicating with up to 8 – 10 different companies or suppliers just to get quotes and items you want included for your day! Add that to your plate with a full time job and that’s stressful! Let our team handle all of that for you while delivering a design that will blow your socks off!

mood board by atlanta wedding planner Detailed I Do's


We do require our design clients book us for planning services first. Whether that is Full Planning, Partial Planning or Coordination this is our first step. Depending on which service you book for planning we will then jump in when the time is right to start on your design.

At this point, we will help you select a unique color palette, we will create a personalized mood board specific to your budget and wedding, then we will dive into logistics by creating a full design plan. Our design plans allow our couples to visualize what each installation or area of their event space will look like with a combination of descriptions and pictures that help bring our vision to life in their eyes. A lot of these ideas are out of the box ideas that you may not have ever seen at a wedding before, because we strive to create unique experiences for your guests and loved ones. We will also provide a proposal for all the items discussed during this phase and can tweak if needed. Once we finalize this together we will be all set to move forward into the execution phase with our team!


Seeing our couples faces when they see their ceremony and reception spaces for the first time, or hearing their amazing reviews of our services is always the icing on the cake for us as atlanta wedding planners and designers. It is why we do what we do! We look forward to sharing even more moments like these with new clients this year and look forward to growing close with new design clients.

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